Thursday Evening

Well I wrapped up the big bad catering gig today. Four days of 11 hour shifts and then 8 today has wiped me out. It’s not so much the hours, it eventually came down to me getting frustrated with some of the kitchen staff and feeling like things could be done better. Yes, I had my own moments of not being the most productive person in the kitchen, but last night I was stopped by a few people asking me if I was OK cuz I had “this look” on my face. I brushed it off as just being tired, but I was mad too. It just seemed like I shouldn’t have to push people to slam out composed salads when we all know how to do them.

We spent a lot of time making these composed salads. Hundreds of them. On Tuesday on my way out of the event location, I stopped by the concession stand where the composed salads were being sold. I was stunned to find that they had been all tossed around, stood up on their ends. All the work at creating the salads in a uniform and appaetizing presentation was for nothing. So when we got back to the kitchen, I mentioned it to my boss. Maybe he had more going on than I thought. Maybe he was tired himself. What ever his state of mind, he seemed less than concerned about it. He kind of sighed and shrugged it off saying that once the salads were delivered to the wait staff hired for the events, there wasn’t much we could do. At the moment I felt like it wasn’t my pace to say “How about we stick a note in the fucking salads saying “HANDLE WITH CARE MR UNEMPLOYED ACTOR!!!””

I was also a little irked to see that the acres of walnut crusted chicken (that we spent one whole day breading and crusting and cooking and then half of the next day cutting into julienning them) was tossed into a salad with a vineagrette that essentially removed all of the crust. Nuff said.

Aside from that, Tuesday through today were much less stressful than Monday. Working at the event was less hectic, and less hot than being in a kitchen of people and hot stoves.

I’m still tired. I got home today and promptly slept for three hours.

Tuesday I managed to get the lawyer on the phone. I was nicer than I should have been. He said he was actually working on my paper work as we spoke (um yeah, right). I told him that I was getting extremely frustrated and that I had lost employment opportunities but also housing opportunities as a result of the delays in the paper work.

His reaction?


I told him i wanted the papers fed exed to me and phone call when I could expect them. If I do not have on Tuesday, he’ll be getting another call. It’s as simple as that.