Wednesday Evening

I walked in and there was no one else there so I said “Hey, looks like I get you all to myself today.”

He didn’t respond. I didn’t expect him to.

I talked to him for a minute about what I had done that day.

I looked around and saw a copy of Better Homes and Gardens. It was better than nothing, and I told him so. He seemed nonplussed at the absolute best.

I flipped through a few articles before settling on one about a loft redecoration. I read about half of it to him before getting disgusted with the color choices. He looked bored. So I closed the magazine and yammered away at him some more.

After about an hour, there was not much else to tell him. So I kissed him on the forehead and went home.

The machines sighed louder as I left than he did.

Friday Afternoon

I’ve never seen a human in that condition before. I mean, I’ve seen them on tv, but its not the same.

Somehow it was like some one had take a statue from Madame Toussaud’s and put it in a bed and said “Here! It’s here! Come sit by this!”

I fled after 10 minutes and wept in a corner. I got on the subway and barely made it in the door before vomiting.

How could you do this? How COULD YOU?

Come home. Please, come home.