Sunday Afternoon

In the oven now.

Pork shoulder I bought yesterday, boned out, rubbed with fresh rosemary, fresh thyme, sea salt and mustard powder. Let that sit over night. Rinsed off the rub and then burried it in aromatics and one of my chicken stock hockey pucks (stock reduced down do its essentially just flavor and collagen). Tossed in a 350 oven for a slow roast.

It already smells soooooo good. Perfect chilly Sunday food.

Saturday Morning

I’ve been buried with a catering gig. I’m so desparate for the resulting money that part of my complaint mechanism has shut down. Or maybe I’m just keeping my head down in the blizzard.

Yesterday I made staff meal. Pan seared lamb (scraps) with a tomato lemon and roasemary sauce. Sauteed rocket with shaved garlic. Braised raddichio. Mixed greens with peas and parmesean with a rice wine vineagrette. Penne with garlic herb oil. I also found some left over jasmine rice and dumped that in a rondeau. I thought I had 4 quarts of it but turned out to only be one ( staff meal is usually the left overs from party prep) so I inadvertantly ended up deep frying it. Came out fine since it was still pretty wet.

Thursday was the last day at one of the offsite trade show gigs. It should have been a peice of cake with little to no effort made on my or my coworker’s part. Didn’t quite work out that way. The panini we were serving kept burning in the hot boxes requiring us to keep them moving around so they also didn’t come out cold. When we opened for service, the trade show participants all came in at once it seemed. Usually they are spread out over the two and a half hours. So I quickly found myself in the weeds with food runners and still trying to keep the food hot and from burning. Add to all this the fact that the doors on the hot boxes would neither stay open or closed, but instead half way there and in such a way to be completely in my way. About half and hour into service, with 3 food runners waiting, I spun around to yank another sheet pan of panini and WHAM!!!, I bashed the top of my head on the clamp to one of the hot boxes. I yelled out some choice words regarding some sons and mothers, not really giving a damn that I could probably be heard out in the dining room. But I couldn’t stop so I just went back to work, in the process burning my right arm (I have a buirn scar there now approximately shapes like a penne) and my left hand (a cherrio). I finally got the kitchen manager to take over for me for a minute while I borrowed the wait captain’s compact and applied an alcohol swap to the side of my face where the blood had oozed, and then a band aid. Immediately it was back to work but this time prepping salad platters. I was sweating so much that I kept asking the waiters if I still had a band aid on my head for fear that it would fall off in the food. I never did but it was a worry.

So I was cranky and I wanted to get out of there. I started breaking down and noticed that a few of the waiters were wrapping up food for themselves before doing anything else. I asked them to finish clean up first so we could all leave faster. and they basically ignored me. Fine. I took the foil and plastic wrap and plates and hid them. When they asked me for them I told them why I had hidden them. They gaped at me but the wait captain backed me up. And lordamighty, we finished break down 45 minutes faster!

Yesterday I found myself taking more of a leadership role when the exec chef was coming in late (he had workeda party until 2am the night before). So after making lunch, I found myself doling out duties off the prep sheet, taking into account people’s natural abilities. By the time the chef arrived, I had one out of 3 prep lists almost completed and 750 peices of rumaki completed.

It feels good to be working, but I am looking forward to sleeping in on Monday.