Saturday Evening

Just got in from a 12 hour catering job. Was surprised how fast the time went.

Things I did:

  • Farmers market at 9am where I saw a kind of turnip I’ve never seen before
  • Did the prep for a duxelle with at least two kinds of mushrooms I’ve never even heard of before
  • Picked through 15 lbs of chanterelles until my fingers smelled delicious.
  • Covered myself in lobster guts with out really trying.
  • Gave the chef a simple solution that he was really pleased with.

I’m going back tomorrow to help out with more prep work. The work is easy and the hours sped by. Then later I’m heading to the Stop AIDS Project to volunteer for one of their fundraisers.

I also just realized I’m missing out on an Xmas party I was invited to even tho I’ve never met the host in person. I’d go but I reek of garlic and lobster spooge.

In the midst of everthing today, I had one of those In The Zone moments where I was zipping through the task at and I found myself thinking about anything but the task. I was feeling good, and I found myself feeling complete. Something I haven’t felt in a long, long time. No need. No aching emptiness. Complete,

It was pretty cool.

And then I slipped with the knife because I wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing and came within a milimeter of cutting my thumb open. I cleared my head and went back to work.