I get crushes. Easily. Something is said, a look is given and I’m a goner.

Sometimes something is written. A turn of phrase, a cretive use of commas and I just sigh like a lost puppy. This is when I get Blog Crushes. I get these more often than the real time ones. I discover someone’s blog and read a few weeks worth of entries and my head goes blank and my heart goes ZING!

Then, invarably a week later, I find the object of my affection has no clue who I am despite my extremely witty and sophisticated comments on his blog. I stumble back to my corner of livejournal licking my (self inflicted) wounds and go do soemthing else.

Like look for a job.

For example…Recently I was introduced to a man who had once been a major Blog Crush. Major. Like I once walked past his building a few times just to see if we could meet. (I only knew where he lived because he posted pictures of it). I heard his name, the name of his blog, and I literally pushed my way through the crowd to him and said “HEY!!! I’m KitchenBeard.”


“Um Kitchenbeard… on LiveJournal….”

“Oh, um… right. OK.. cool… nice to meet you Kitchen Beer.”

“Beard. Kitchen BearD.”

He’d lost me. We chit chatted about 20 more seconds before my sense of discomfort was so great I needed to walk away. Not the best ending to a BlogCrush, but life is full of little disapointments like this. I went home, played some Bessie Smith, ate some ice cream, and watched Lifetime. I felt bruised for a few days, but got over it.

I’ve had blog crushes with guys on my LiveJournal list (one in particular these days I find myself stuttering when ever he’s within 10 feet of me) and guys on other blog sites. I’ve seen some blogs come and go while the warmth in my heart never abates for them. I’ve seen blogs get slammed and spammed for what they say while I stand in the back ground attesting my own one true faith in my beloved.

And then I get bored and move on.

My most recent Blog Crush lives on the east coast. The likelihood that we’ll ever meet, date, and buy furniture together is slimmer than Kate Moss on a crack bender. Yet every day I check his blog to see what he’s up to and see how he’s doing. He seems OK today although I was concerend for him last week. His life was gettng REEEALLY complicated there for a while and I just wanted to give him a hug. I know though that this crush won’t last too long. He recently posted a picture of himself on his bed. My first thought was “Does your grandmother know you’ve got her comforter?”. It’s doomed from the start. Which just makes it all the more tragic that we will never find “TWOO WUV” together.

I figure all I need to do to find my next BlogCrush is to trowel JoeMyGod’s link list for my next stalkee crush. Since JMG is himself and Ex-BlogCrush of mine, I figure he’s got good taste.

So who’s your Blog Crush?

Cake Theraphy

Some go lie on a couch and talk. Others go shopping. Still other go drinking.

Where do I go for therapy?

My kitchen.

Last night I burined myself mentally in food. I stood in front of the pantry and let my mind go blank. Pulled down some quinoa flakes and stared at them and then had a big idea.

I think.. yes, there it is…. all the way in the back!

A can of salmon.

Before I knew I was happily mushing egg, salmon, quinoa flakes and cooked onion together. Added some brown rice pilaf and I was feeling less whiney. Still a wee grumpy, but I had a great dinner in front of me. I had made enough for lunch too.

Once I finished the dishes, I started putting away condiments and what started as a quick rearrange so that everything would fit, turned into all out organizing.

The only things separating me from Martha Stewart at this point are a lable maker and a tax evasion conviction.