Scenes from San Francisco

Starbucks at 3rd and Market – I’m walking by on my way to the W and glance in. Inside, in one of the over stuffed chairs, I see a heavy set Asian woman with blonde hair, pulled up to spiked pig tails, in full geisha make-up and kimono. She sits with her legs splayed out looking bewildered. I get about a half a block away before it occurs to me that it may not have been a woman.

Whole Foods at Franklin and California – A man who easily reaches 6’4” walks through the crowded aisles with a small child literally draped over one shoulder. I get my lunch and on my way to pay for it, I see them again. This time he’s whispering something in the child’s ear and child is laughing and shrieking in glee. They’re oblivious to teeming crowd around them that is getting a unified chuckle out of the scene.

Van Ness and McAllister – I’m walking on my way to the Muni and I see a woman sitting on the curb ahead of me. She’s got her hippie skirt hiked up above her knees and clutches her head in her hands. As I get closer, it’s hard not to notice that’s she’s not wearing underwear. The East Coaster in me kicks in and I instinctively look away. As I walk past she shrieks at me “What, you’re too good to look at my cooter like everyone else?”

Duboce Park at Noe – I get off the muni and see a woman walking her dog. The dog’s steps are tentative and slow and tell me that it’s an old dog. The dog stops as if it’s going to go to the bathroom when suddenly it’s hind legs collapse and it falls over, first onto its butt and then completely over on to its side. My pace quickens a second as I rush to help, but the woman lets out an audible sigh that melts into an “aaahhhhhhooooooooohno.” She swoops down and wraps her arms around the dog and picks it up, despite the fact that it’s a large husky. Quickly, she turns and carefully walks away carrying the dog. I think to myself that it’s obvious that she has given that dog a good life. I finish my walk home feeling grateful for mine.

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