Why The Hate?

Michael Ruhlman gives voice to why we hate Rachel and Emeril…. it’s because they remind of where we scratched anc clawed our way out of and that place we like to leave behind us.

The most popular shows—Emeril Live, Rachael Ray, and Iron Chef—are basically contra-Julia, post -domestic shows, reactions against the hegemonic model of The French Chef. They strike a chord because, ever since Julia, we have been stuck in the TV kitchen and put in a dress. That is why Bourdain wrote, in Kitchen Confidential, that he wouldn’t be caught dead on the Food Network.

He has a point. In rejecting the “homey domesticity” of the current Food Network roster, we are saying that we have risen above such things. We are smarter, better educated and more sophisticated than catch phrases and shortcuts. We reject this because we have taken part in the American dream of working hard to get to a place better than where our parents came from. Rachel Ray and Emeril and Sandra Lee represent a step backwards to a time where Americans were told that it was patriotic to eat out of a can. Call us snobs if you will, but we have worked hard to get to where we are and we’re not going to accept anythiung less than the best we can do.

How to Have a Good Lunch Hour

Go to Sur La Table.

Select mezzaluna you’ve had you’re eye on.

Get told it’s the last one in the store and since it’s the display knife, and a little beat up, get 10% off.

Watch as they sharpen it and polish it up.

Present gift card from when you helped some friends with their Christmas party.

Present chef’s discount card.

Hand cashier $10 bill for $45 knife.

Skip out of store having just scored an awesome deal.

Go get bento box.

Sit in sunshine and ogle straight boys playing soccer.