Rememeber those ads for Barbizon modeling school?

Be a model or just look like one….

Well, I need models.

I love taking pictures of food and I’ve got a ton of ideas for self portraits. But I’m also wanting to expand into taking pictures of others.

These would be genuine portraits. Fully clothed unless you want to do otherwise. If you’re partnered, I’d love it if the two of came along. The idea is for me to learn and I cant do that with out people.

If you’re game for being a guinea pig, let me know. I’ll cook feed you in exchange!


Went dancing with Leif and Juicy Fruit Jim last night at matinee. It’s been ages since I did a tea dance, let alone one totally sober. Had a great time.

  • Battery powered red sequined gogo shorts
  • A white room. WHITE!!! Bonus points for the reclining Shiva.
  • A gaggle of asian club kids bouncing around like cracked out velcro hamsters.
  • Some guy giving Britney a run for her money.
  • Very hunky man and his very possesive boyfriend.
  • The above mentioned hunky man vomiting into a sink.
  • Susan being… well…. Susan. (EDIT: Ooops, It’s Suzan)
  • My own face in a mirror and realizing I’m that daddy that I used to stare longingly at.
  • Some kid giving me that look and his bashfulness when I grinned at him (which is more than the above mentioned daddies ever did to me).

I was in bed by 10:30, my knees hurting just a tiny bit, but really glad I went.