grilled cheese

On my way home from the gym tonight I learned something, that while not earth shattering, is still enough to leave me saddened and tired. My excitement to to produce a batch of home made pasta seemed overwhelming so I just began pulling stuff from the fridge. Some left over cheese. The loaf of bread I baked over the week end. The aioli I made on Saturday. Soon, a grilled cheese landed on the cutting board, oozing cheese and mustard and steam. I quartered it and ate it while I made another one. I stood there eating, feeling the cheese congealing in my beard, still saddened, but somehow fortified all the same.

Dinner tonight was rather good if you ask me. And zoning out with the knives and the food was just what I needed to clear my head.

Rendered off 4 oz of pancetta with 8 oz of duck sausage and 6 oz of garlic salume (pictured).

Removed the meat from the pan and added 1 red onion, 1 orange pepper, 1 red paper that I had chopped up in 1/4″ dice. Let that cook down a little over medium heat. Added 4 oz heavy cream and deglazed and scraped up the browned bits off the bottom and let it reduce by 1/2.

Meanwhile cooked off 8 oz of fresh penne for 3 minutes. Drained and then tossed the penne in olive oil.

Added the meat back to the sauce and the portioned it out for me and the house mate. Came out damn good.