Note to self:

Self! The next time you go and buy the 36′ x 107″ roll of seamless background paper, you might want to think ahead and not be surprised when the bus driver won’t let you on with a tube paper that’s almost 9 feet long forcing you to walk home from Bernal Heights to the Lower Haight with it slung over your shoulder.

Easy Lunch

  1. Go to Tuesday Farmer’s Market at Ferry building
  2. Glory in the 75 degree sunny day.
  3. By pass lines for prepared foods.
  4. Try not to knock old woman over as you ogle shirtless bearded guy with jeans slung so low your mind goes to that dark happy place.
  5. Buy 1 pound spring peas, shelled.
  6. Try not to have stroke when you realize they’re $10 a pound.
  7. Buy a zucchini form some other stand because you ain’t paying $5 for 1 zucchini.
  8. Head inside and buy 1/4 pound of herbed fromage blanc from Cow Girl Creamery.
  9. Dawdle going back to the office.
  10. Ogle the above referenced shirtless guy again. Decide he’s straight and move on.
  11. Wave at friends eating in Justin Hermann plaza.
  12. Realize they’re not who you thought they were and walk away feeling moderately stupid.
  13. Go back to office begrudgingly.
  14. Place peas in microwavable bowl.
  15. Rinse them loosely.
  16. Slice up zucchini and add to bowl with peas.
  17. Drain.
  18. Drizzle with olive oil.
  19. Cover loosely.
  20. Nuke for 3 minutes.
  21. Try not to giggle when coworker who looked at at your BigMuscleBear profile four times in 2 days walks by and can’t make eye contact.
  22. Return to desk.
  23. Add fromage blanc.
  24. Add salt, pepper and lemon pepper.
  25. Mix.
  26. Eat.