In the freezer waiting for Lazy Bear

1 qt fig chutney
1 pt blue berry compote
1 qt lime basil pesto
1 qt salted cherry compote
1 pt lemon curd
1 qt egg whites for whipping and then folding into lemon curd.
(1 small container of mild delusion that I’ll be able to whip egg whites standing in in front of a tent)

10 Techniques Every Cook Should Know

I tell people all the itme that if you know how to do 5 basic things in the kitchen, you can pretty much do anything a recipe calls for.

  1. Chopping vegetables – If you can learn how to hold your knife and square off a vegetable and cut it into strips, it’s just a short jump from there to fine julienne and dicing.
  2. Sautee: Take the above skill and cook the onion to a sweet but savory compliment which is the basis of many many dishes. Learn how to balance heat and fat so you don’t burn things.
  3. Pan fry a protein. Different than sautee. Sure it looks done on out the outside, but is it still cold and raw on the inside? Learning to do this will let you judge you meats and also allow you to learn how to cook larger cuts of meat. This doesn’t just apply to beef, but chicken, pork and fish.
  4. Steam/blanche vegetables; Learning how to cook vegetable quickly with out turning thme into grey mush open you up to rice, grains and then other processes with them. Steam some broccolli, puree it in the blender, mix it with some cream and there’s soup.
  5. Sauces: learn toi make your own salad drssings and you’ll also learn how to make the basis for a pan sauce. Learn to make a roux and add it to cream and you can make your own mac and cheese. Learn to make your own ragut and you’ll never buy jarred pasta sauce again.

The Chron today takes that same idea but approaches it a little more expansively and specifically. It’s a good read and a good refresher.

Farmer’s Market Tuesday

3 bunches of basil
1 bunch of heirloom carrots (they’re purple)
1 big bag of arugula
1 big bag of string beans

I would have gotten some of the really colorful and sweet juicy plums I tasted but I didn’t have much cash on me.

Now what to make?

Probably some pesto for Lazy Bear.

As I wandered around I thought about an asian string beans salad with carrots, ginger, peanuts and garlic. And then I remembered the goji berries. Yes, they’ll go in there too. Maybe I’ll grab some tuna on the way home and sear that off and have it with sauteed arugula.