One of those days where the end of the day was the worst so you threw yourself into your work out that leaves you twitching and cranky. Grab some sundries at the Organic and stomp home listening to your foot steps echo off the homes on Noe that you hope to someday afford.

4 eggs, some left over bread, some milk, some spices,some cheese. Whisk it all together except for the bread then dump the bread in to soak while the oven preheats to 350. Melt some bacon fat in the cast iron and shred the left over prosciutto into it and leave it over low heat. When the oven is done setting itself, place the bread over the pork products and then pour the egg over that. Top it off with the rest of the cheese from a party two weeks ago. Throw it in the oven and go play on the internet. By the time it’s done, its fluffy and gooey and chewy and crispy and it solves a few problems and gives you the strength to think about solving one or two more.