Some left over rice.

Sitting there on the shelf in fridge saying easy dinner words. The cod filets I bought will wait till tomorrow.

Cast iron pan that has been neglected as of late gets placed over blazing hot fire til it smokes.

Vegetable oil that shimmers on contact. The rice gets upended in till it begin popping like popcorn. Spread it out. Add some cumin, then nutmeg, then paprika. Salt lands on top of that. Keep it all moving. The smell begins to clear the long day away.

Four eggs, beaten. Poured over the whole mixture. Cooked till solid.

Poured into a bowl and I sit down to eat. But then look up and see the herbs I’ve been growing. The scallions that I had coaxed in water and then in dirt until now they are so tall that gravity has pulled them over.


Three feet of scallions gets chopped down to about 1/2 cup. Toss that on top.

Feel the ridiculous pleasure of eating something I’ve grown myself. really. It was so simple and yet it left me smiling as I ate. Smiling wide.