I think I’ve finally reached a place where I don’t need to control everything about the food at a party. This is a good thing as evidenced by the attendance at my potluck last night. Lots of friends, lots of food and lots of fun.

I also climbed up on a chair and made the following speech. This may not be what I EXACTLY said, but hte idea is the same. ..

Thank you everyone for coming out tonight. It’s so great to see so many friends and so much food and in such a safe place. But I’d like to remind everyone that not everyone has this. There are people in Haiti and Africa and India who will never have this. So I’d like to take this time to encourage you when you go home… or tomorrow cuz I know summa yooz iz goin’ to Bearrcuda after this…to take the time and donate to the charity of your choice. I personally donate to Doctors Without Borders. What ever charity you choose, please donate so that the people who don’t have homes or food or friends can have what we have. So they can live a better life. Whether it’s 10 or 15 or whatever dollars, is up to you. There are people in this room with out jobs and I still hope you’ll give freely, because we are lucky and fortunate and I think it’s good to give. Five years ago I came to San Francisco with a load of problems and I’ve worked hard to rebuild my life. I look at all of you and am grateful that you are my friends and that you have brought all this food into my home. So many don’t have this. So please donate what you can.

Now… where’s my cocktail?





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A quite night at home after an exceedingly difficult week. Having people over for a potluck tomorrow and getting my contribution together. Realizing my knife skills have totally deteriorated and asking myself “What is more important to me? Being able to navigate corporate landmines or being able to slice a beef loin open in 3 swipes?”


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Today was hard.I sat here in the semidark for a while debating about what to do while listening to the president talk on the tv in the other room I made some choices that will take time to see results but I will see them through. I feel better for making them. Tomorrow I have a long day including school. As I sat there, I reminded myself, I’m doing all this for a reason.