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Didja ever wonder what happened to the Mirror after Snow White got done being a problem teenager and running off with the first guy she met and after shacking up with seven coal miners and being the person chefly responsible for causing her step mother’s death? Yeah.. nobody asks about that. Do they? You’d look cranky too if you’d been trapped alone in a mirror since before the middle ages.


One of the reasons I have a job is so I can dress well. It’s shallow, I know. But some times all I need to make myself feel a little better is go off and buy something that makes me look good. I tend to veer towards forward thinking with classic basics (think a fleece vest over a white stiff collared shirt with black slacks topped off with a dark brown blazer). My tastes aren’t cheap but I learned a long time ago to pounce on bargains at second hand stores. Thats where I got a tuxedo for $60 that fits me perfectly.

The blog “The Sartorialist” feeds that feeling for me sometimes… for free. His personal preferences have been mocked mercilessly elsewhere, but I find I, in general, agree with his choices. Such as the one below.

Plus…. he’s handsome.