365_72, originally uploaded by kitchenbeard.

I’m about a week behind on my 365 project. I just have not had time to sit and do a proper shot every day. I bring my little boy camera with me everywhere I go and yet it sits in the bag ignored. Tonight my plans fell through so it’s about getting caught up a little.


365_70, originally uploaded by kitchenbeard.

I’m really not as grumpy as I look as I squint into the spring sunshine. It feels good on my face as I get ready to do my final presentation in my marketing class tonight. Looking forward to a week end of being outside, warmth and friends. There’s been too much darkness in my life… much of my own making… lately. As I read about the death of a man recently, I learned he reminded people to Shimmer. Good advice.


365_68, originally uploaded by kitchenbeard.

The past month or so, I’ve felt like my head was going to blow off.

(Note: As part of my 365, I’m trying to push myself in photoshop. The red flesh portion of this gave me the most trouble and I’m not really sure why I’m not satisfied with it. I think in some way it looks too separate from the rest of the image for me. Suggestions?)