lunch, originally uploaded by kitchenbeard.

Just a quick lunch.

Dice up a chicken breast that you roasted a few days ago and you want to use up before it goes bad.

In the bowl of food processor throw a head of parsley, cilantro or whatever leafy herb makes you go happy. Hey, go ahead and make your mix if you want. I won’t be heartbroken if you make this your own.

In a dry sautee pan toast some fennel seed, coriander seed and some celery seed. Toast until you just begin to see whisps of smoke. Immediately remove and pour on top of the herbs.

Add 1 tsp of tarragon vinegar. Add the juice of one half lemon…. Wait, I’m out of lemons, I’ll use limes instead.

Add ½ cup olive oil.

Puree making sure you scrape down the sides once.

Pour over the chicken and mix. Add one or two diced shallots. Taste. Adjust for salt and pepper to your liking.

Make some toast with the bread you baked yesterday.

Pile on the salad. Sit down and feel vaguely smug that you just managed to clean out the fridge and make something yummy.

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