The other day I received a very kind note from AndrĂ© Depinge at Case de Hommes letting me know he’s put up a profile of my blog and photography. His blog, which focuses on gay men isn’t safe for work by American standards so click with care.

I asked for help from French speaking friends to translate the text, which is as follows.

On January 2, 2010, in his blog “Kitchenbeard’s Journal”, Stephan Roberts notes: “I’ve decided to try and do a 365 project, taking a daily picture of myself everyday through out the year. Wish me luck.” So far, he’s kept his promise. A selection of self-portraits peppers his blog, alternating with mouth-watering photographs of food he has prepared in his kitchen and accompanying recipes. In his profile Stephan, 43, cites Juvenal: “A hairy body, and arms stiff with bristles, give promise of a manly soul.”

A voice made for the theater, ten years working behind the scenes, then a complete reversal. Stephan left New York and moved to San Francisco, then took a cooking class, developed his eye for photography and began a new portfolio career. He says he has reinvented his life many times. Some customers pose for his lens, but he does not yet feel ready to engage models to explore nudity and eroticism with them. However, he feels no embarrassment in coming out from behind the camera to his position in front of it. Thus, no need to ask if he exploits on the sexuality of others. Since many shots involve the naked body, erection, semen, he can explore this domain and expand its field of experimentation without hesitation. Is it exhibitionism? Certainly, he replied, and he enjoys it, and shares his photos.

This is the way to keep track of the evolution of his body over the years and following his muscular development. Juvenal also wrote: “A virile soul gets everything it asks for.”

Thanks Andre!!!

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