New Years Eve Appetizers: Gorgonzola Gourgeres

Pate a choux is a classic French pastry preparation that combines eggs, flour, water and butter, resulting in a flakey puff that is a perfect appetizer for New Years Eve. This batter is quite diverse in uses ranging from sweet to savory. Gougeres are traditionally made with cheese. If you’re looking for a sweeter method, you could skip the cheese, fill them with a sweet custard and top with a chocolate ganache for a classic cream puff. Pipe the batter out into strips and you have basis for éclairs.

Puff the Magic Dragon

No matter how you choose to make them, the process is the same. Here’s we’re making gorgonzola gougers. It requires a little more attention than some appetizers you might make, but the raves you’ll get from your guests will make the extra five minutes worth it. Michael Ruhlman’s writings about choux puffs can tell you much more about the process and are worth the read.

Recipe follows

For Lunch: Endive & Herb Tart

Endive is one of those vegetables that many people pass over, which is unfortunate. After cooking, it turns sweet and nutty and pairs well with cheeses. This tart lets the endive stay slightly bitter while letting the sweetness come from apples. Served with a salad, this makes a nice lunch. Increase the portion size and serve with some protein, and you’ve got dinner.


recipe and more photos here


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I’ve had these boots for more than 10 years. They were given to me by a man that I loved, who lived far away. The boots have lasted longer than our relationship. I’ve done alot in these. Danced, hiked, had alot of sex, catered parties, walked protest marches, got sprayed with blue paint and often just set them up on the couch watching tv. They were my everyday boots and were with me as my life fell apart and with me as I put it back together. As much as I hate to admit it, it’s becoming close to time to retire them and find a new pair. These will stay with me tho regardless.