Mission Fig and Rosemary Tart with Almond Creme Fraiche Filling

We look forward to San Francisco’s fig season all year and often find ourselves greedily buying them up at the farmers market. Yet a few friends have fig trees in their backyards here in San Francisco and we were overjoyed when last week a friend who lives in the Mission handed us a bag full from his tree. If you’re buying figs, look for firm fruit that gently yields to pressure without feeling squishy. Use them quickly because they will go bad before you know it.

Fig and Rosemary Tart with Almond Creme Friache Filling

As luck would have it, we were invited to a pig roast this weekend and opted to use them for the “sweet thing” we were asked to bring. The hardest part about making this was figuring out how to transport it. Serve this tart slightly warm if you wish but it does well at room temperature also. We opted to use frozen puff pastry as matter of expediency, but encourage you to make your own if you have the time.

Recipe follows

Blueberry Upside Down Cake

Blue berries are one of those fruits that have gotten a bit of a bad wrap for being boring. We’ve all had our fill of blueberry pancakes and muffins. Who hasn’t chased a blue berry around in a bowl of fruit salad? This time of year they are available all over the place and one can get easily burned out on them. So when we spied a mountain of them at the Galleria farmer’s market recently, we almost passed them over in search of something more challenging before deciding to try and find a different way of using them.