Quiet nights at home.

Told my boyfriend I needed a night on my own. It happens. The world gets into my head and I need to find a way to get it out. Throwing myself into the teeming crowd at happy hour was not sounding appealing. Besides, there was that cover of Savuer magazine I saw at the dentist office when I was getting a new crown attached this week (more on that later). It had immediately struck me and I said to myself “I could try that.”

So I left the office and stopped off at TAP Plastics and picked up a sheet of plastic I thought would do the job. 90 minutes later I was happily puttering in the garage with some very thinly sliced lemons and oranges being photographed and my figuring out how to solve technical issues.

It was exactly what I needed. Before I knew it I had pulled more food to be shot. There will be a similar shoot soon to explore other forms of shadow and light and story telling with this technique. It’s a first shout out of the gate with this method, but I’m quite pleased with my results. It gives me a place to push myself and gives me a direction to focus my energy.

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