Getting things rolling:Or why I feel safer with a big knife in my hands

It finally dawned on me in the shower this morning that one of the points of the internet is to provide access to information from pretty much anywhere. As hot water bounced on my head, I made the mental connection that I should therefor be able to post to my blog from anywhere.

And that’s how I got here today.

Technically I’m at work and shouldn’t be blogging about food and photography. Nor should I be trying to be witty while at work and in the throes of nicotine withdrawal. There will be unavoidably the kind of disconnect one normally experiences when one encounters a drug addict who thinks something is absolutely hysterical while you’re inching away fearing for your life.  I have had people suggest that when I’m in the middle of nicotine fit, that a rabid pit bull would be sweeter.

Lately this means that when I’m not at work or at the gym, I’m usually quite happy to be alone in the kitchen. Just me and the food and the process and the results.

And the dishes. Don’t forget doing the dishes. in the past, detoxing from cigarettes has resulted in my frantically cleaning and scrubbing and scraping and scouring my tools and equipment until they not only shine but could be used by NASA as tracking tools for satellites.

But in these times of grumpiness and lack of patience with the most basic of human behaviors, I find myself feeling the most at peace and safe and secure with a large knife in my hand… and reducing a potato down to 1/4″ dice.