10 Simple Rules For Riding Public Transportation

OK people, this isn’t that hard. If you’re taking public transit you need to follow some basic rules whether it’s Muni, or MTA or the T. And yet these very simple concepts seem to elude a lot of people.

1) On an escalator, stand on the right if you’re not going to climb the stairs so that others can get past you.
2) Let others off the train/bus first before trying to get on.
3) Take off your backpack/purse/messenger bag and carry it near your feet so you don’t bash it around like a weapon.
4) Give up your seat to an elderly person or someone who is disabled/ill/pregnant. If they protest that they’re fine, offer once more and then let it be.
5) Say “Excuse me.” if you need to get past someone. Don’t just push them out of the way or elbow between them without saying anything.
6) Don’t stand in the active door and block everyone else.
7) Don’t talk on the phone on a crowded train thereby forcing everyone to listen to you.
8) Don’t eat on the train. Just don’t.
9) Don’t do your make up/clip your nails/pick your nose on the train.
10) Don’t take up more than one seat per person.

Have some basic awareness of the people around you is all I’m saying.

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