In 2014 – I’ll live.

2013 was a pretty good year over all. Found a new job. Found a boyfriend. Made some new friends. Got closer to my siblings. Became a voting board member of one of the most iconic gay events in the world. Put on three successful pop ups and remembered why I love cooking professionally (and why I don’t do it full time). I continued to find solace and comfort in the practice of locating and preparing food deliberately and consciously.

I tried to practice being more mindful, conscious and kind (still working on that). I tried to let go of things from the past that didn’t help me. There were some speed bumps but honestly there was nothing too traumatic, debilitating or humiliating. Unfortunately, I let some good things like writing, photography and the gym slip.

2014 will be about doing more of the good work and continuing to make better choices and building a life of my own choosing of which I can be proud. I’ll try to keep doing the things I love and learning to do them better.

I’ll treat myself better and by extension treat the people around me better.

I’ll ask questions and try new things.

I’ll try for less bitter and more glitter.

But in the end…I’ll live.